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Welcome! Meet PowerPanda.

It is the cutest and lightweight companion, which eliminate your worry by giving indefinite power to you and your devices.



The one stop solutions to all your power problems. Be it a minor disruption or a complete absence of power source, Power Panda is there for you.


Power Panda's 10400 mAh built-in battery can power your devices throughout the day. It can provide your broadband router a backup of about 3-4 hours which is the worst case power cut scenario in urban areas.


1 USB charging point and 2 230V AC plug points to power multitude of devices within 60W range. With 2A charging port, it provides you 40% faster charge than conventional chargers.


Its sleek dimensions of 158mm*113mm*46mm make it handy and look elegant. The weight of just 550g enables you to carry Powerpanda wherever you want.


Overcharge cut off, Discharge Protection, Overheat sense and Over current guard protect you and your devices from any damage possibility.
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Make Powerpanda your companion !

Also try Powerpanda Go

Passport size AC power supply for travellers!

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Why did you make Powerpanda
India is a developing country and faces a major issue of power instability today. To keep the pace of developments, staying connected digitally is integral. The youth needs to have their devices powered throughout the day no matter what. Also, Broadband internet connectivity is an essential facility for everyone today. Availability of power for the access device like a modem or WiFi router could hinder this at critical times of need. Having faced the problem ourselves, we decided to make Powerpanda so that millions of Indian youth could stay connected.
Both Powerpanda and Powerpanda Go looks same in spec is there any difference ?
Powerpanda has both the features of a microUPS as well as a Power bank. Power Panda Go on the other hand will be only a power bank with enhanced battery capacity.
Why would I prefer Powerpanda over a UPS?
Powerpanda as a microUPS which is built for WiFi routers and modems. It gives you much longer hours of power back up compared to an equivalent UPS. Also, the size and weight along with safety features make it a unique product which is must have for people who often work from home.
What is with the Panda in Powerpanda?
We wanted to make something cute and sleek to fit into your room and hence we chose the Panda face and hence the name powerpanda. BTW, why should all power backups look like a black box, can it not be a little aesthetically pleasing, that was the question our design engineers tried to answer.
Where can I buy one?
We are accepting pre-orders at the moment and will be shipping the product to our pre-order customers in Jan 2018. Please go to the pre order page to book yours.